The history of the Eiber family on the Großeiberhof can be traced back to about 1550 on the basis of church books. Over many generations, the farm was passed down from father to son. The proven was always preserved and yet new things were integrated.

In 1844 Baptist Eiber built a new farmhouse. A prominent house made of fieldstone and with a typical crippled hipped roof. It is now a listed building. It has been lovingly renovated several times and even today we enjoy living in it with several generations.

In 1956 a new cattle shed was built. With solid brick walls and a hayloft above. For over 35 years the cows were milked there. Since 1992, when a new barn was built, the old barn has served as a grain store, carpenter’s workshop and junk room. In 2020, the major reconstruction began. Today, the building shines in new splendour as a country hotel.

In 1975, tourism started at the Großeiberhof. It began with the accommodation of riding girls for the nearby riding school. This soon developed into the mainstay of “farm holidays”. In the early 90s, 3 additional holiday flats were built into an old building. For over 40 years we made many children and parents happy.

Since 2001, the farm has been farmed organically according to Bioland guidelines. Little by little, open-air runs were built for the cattle, and later grazing was introduced. Chickens were brought back to the farm and pigs were also kept for a while.

Yvonne has been offering wellness since 2016. Before that, she gained a lot of experience in other hotels. The best of it is now offered here. In 2020, the new WellnessStodl was completed. Since then, we have been able to offer sauna, massage and beauty in all variations.

After 2 years of construction, we were finally able to open our Landhotel in September 2021. A special place that you simply have to see!


Landhotel Großeiberhof
Hocha 9
93449 Waldmünchen

Telefon: +49 99 72 / 90 24 78