Massages for body, mind & soul

Relax your soul

Tibetan energy massage

This gentle treatment for the back was developed by the Tibetan monks to release blockages in the energy centers of the body. Soothing stroking movements on the energy level release blockages and tension in the body and activate the self-healing powers. The feeling of absolute relaxation.

60 minutes € 63.


Oil massage with warm forest-scented oils, provides absolute relaxation, activates the body’s own healing powers and purifies. Body, soul and spirit are brought into harmonious balance.

60 minutes € 69.–

Sound of silence

Gentle massage strokes pamper the muscles and calm the central nervous system. Fine and gliding strokes on the body have a special positive effect on the resting nerve – for intensive calming and balancing. The body and mind can completely shut down.

60 minutes € 63.

Time out - feel skin

Treatment with a massage candle provides well-being and a velvety soft skin feeling. The candle consists of a main caring wax composition, coconut oil and other valuable natural ingredients that melts at 30-40 degrees and can thus be used for massage. Choose your fragrance and enjoy the velvety time-out for body, mind, soul and your skin.

60 minutes € 69.-

Sound massage

Each sound massage and sound experience is unique and can be very different for each individual.
Sound massages can be used for relaxation, regeneration, strengthening of self-healing powers or for targeted support in recovery processes. The singing bowls for the sound massage are placed on the clothed body.

60 minutes € 73.
90 minutes € 97.-

The cattle walks blindly on the drift
Grazing the healing herbs.
But man learns salvation and poison
Distinguish only by experience.

Friedrich Rückert

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